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Do you know Colombia?

Don't believe all thatwe tell you. Some destinations jealously hide their true faces.

Colombia, with its more than 1900 spèthese d'birds, s'is projected for many yearsées like the Mecca of Birdwatching. But this great mega-diverse countryé n'is not only the « Mecca » observers world'birds, c'is also the most récent and remarkable tourist destination of the réregion. You just have to take the step to realize the vélaughable beautyé places andécover this « Hotspot » of biodiversityé and culture, but also for the'extraordinary sympathy of its inhabitants. Since the big déserves from La Guajira, in the north, to'to célècoffee zoneséières, from the south, passing by the sublime beaches of Caraïbes, the forêAmazonian mountains of white sands, the volcanic reliefs of the central Andes or the rich savannahs of the eastern Llanos, this country has énormément à offer travelers in quête of colors and d'authenticityé.

As the leitmotif of the country says so well : Here the only risk c'is that you want to stay. 

Here for a few yearséare the country'commits to prosperous nature tourismèD. A host of new roads'exploration, lodges, réprivate serversées and d'tourism initiative, allow'accéof the à the vast majorityé some Régions and of these spèthese and most emblematic spacesématic.

Why choose Colombia for your safari?

Colombia is widely recognized as one of the most innovative and affluent destinations in South America. It is considered a true paradise for nature lovers, especially bird watchers, but it also offers a unique experience in terms of naturalistic and photographic attractions. Thanks to its exceptional diversity of landscapes, climates and biodiversity, Colombia opens the door to unique opportunities to discover wild and preserved nature.

The richness of Colombia's wildlife is simply astounding, with a wide variety of fascinating animal species. The country is home to more than 1 bird species, making it one of the richest avian biodiversity countries in the world. Colorful and exotic birds such as the toucan, hummingbird and quetzal inhabit Colombia's rainforests and mountains. Wildlife photography enthusiasts will have the unique opportunity to capture incredible images of these birds in their natural habitat.

Besides birds, Colombia is also home to diverse wildlife, including jaguars, tapirs, monkeys, Amazonian pink dolphins and many other fascinating species. The country's national parks and nature reserves offer exceptional opportunities for wildlife viewing. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Natural Park, the Serranía del Chiribiquete Biosphere Reserve and the Los Nevados National Natural Park are among the must-see sites for discovering Colombian wildlife in all its splendor.

In addition to its exceptional biodiversity, Colombia also offers breathtaking landscapes. From the snow-capped Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to the vast expanses of the Llanos, the stunning beaches of the Caribbean coast and the lush jungles of the Amazon, every corner of the country offers spectacular settings for wildlife photographers.

Colombia is implementing conservation initiatives aimed at protecting its unique biodiversity. Many national parks and nature reserves are created to preserve fragile ecosystems and guarantee the survival of animal species. Visitors even have the opportunity to participate in research and conservation projects, directly contributing to the preservation of Colombia's wildlife.

As a tourism destination focused on nature and wildlife photography, Colombia offers a well-developed tourism infrastructure, with specialized agencies, experienced guides and accommodation tailored to travelers' needs. Special tours and itineraries are designed to allow visitors to explore the most notable sites for wildlife viewing and wildlife photography.

Whether you are a nature lover, a wildlife photography enthusiast, or simply a curious traveler, Colombia is a destination that will amaze you with its natural beauty and exceptional biodiversity. Come discover this unique country where nature is at its peak, and where every moment offers an opportunity to capture unforgettable images.

Some of the best natural sightseeing spots in Colombia:

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Natural National Park. Located in northern Colombia, in the highest coastal mountain range in the world, this park is home to incredible biodiversity, from Caribbean beaches to snow-capped peaks. You can observe endemic birds, rare monkeys and a wide variety of anurans, not to mention orchids and flora in general.

The Serranía del Chiribiquete Biosphere Reserve: This reserve is one of the largest in the world and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is renowned for its spectacular rock formations, waterfalls and varied wildlife, including pumas and pink Amazon dolphins. Moreover, its anthropological past still remains a great mystery for researchers.

Los Nevados National Natural Park: Located in the heart of the Central Cordillera, in the Andean region, this park is dominated by snow-capped active volcanoes and lunar landscapes. It is the ideal place to observe Andean condors but also a rich fauna and large colonies of espeletias.

The Tayrona National Natural Park: This coastal reserve offers white sand beaches bordered by lush vegetation. There you can hike through the jungle to discover indigenous archaeological sites and a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, reptiles and toucans.

The Colombian Amazon: Explore the dense jungle of the Colombian Amazon to observe an incredible variety of species, from pink dolphins to howler monkeys. Boat trips along the Amazon offer unique wildlife viewing opportunities.

The Llanos region: This vast expanse of floodplains is a paradise for bird watchers, photographers and wildlife watchers. You can see caimans, capybaras and a wide variety of aquatic birds, in sumptuous settings.

The Caribbean Coast: The beautiful beaches of Colombia's Caribbean coast offer opportunities for relaxation, snorkeling and marine wildlife viewing. You can also visit the Tayrona National Natural Park from this area.

The Serranía de la Macarena: This region, geographically isolated from everything, is famous for the five-colored river (Caño Cristales), this region is a treasure of biodiversity. There you can explore crystal clear rivers, caves and unique rock formations. A true paradise for photographers and naturalists.

The Tatacoa Desert: Although it is not a huge desert, this region offers magnificent and surprising desert landscapes. It is the ideal place to observe the stars at night and to discover flora and fauna adapted to arid conditions.

The La Guajira Desert. Much larger and desert than the previous one, the guajira offers a unique desert landscape with its golden dunes, its pristine beaches and its indigenous communities. The Wayúu culture, the beaches of Punta Gallinas and Cabo de la Vela and the breathtaking landscapes of the desert are probably the most beautiful moments of this tour. An ideal destination for adventurers seeking spectacular desert landscapes and rich cultural encounters.

The cloud forest of the Otún Quimbaya nature reserve: This reserve is home to a unique cloud forest in Colombia. You will find a wide variety of birds there, including many endemics, butterflies and rare plants.

The white sand forests of Inírida: Gateway to the natural beauty and exceptional biodiversity of the Guainía region. The exploration of this large, little-known area of ​​the Colombian Amazon is done along the Inírida River. Beyond meeting indigenous communities and spectacular natural landscapes, it is a perfect destination for nature lovers and wildlife and bird watching enthusiasts in particular.

These sites represent only a sample of Colombia's natural diversity. Each offers a unique experience of observing wildlife and discovering breathtaking landscapes.