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Why choose Bhutan for your nature stay?

Bhutan has opted for high value-added tourism by applying a right of access to the country for travellers. Thus removed from mass tourism, you will have the privilege of discovering an environment and a culture that is still very well preserved. The kingdom of Bhutan is the only country in the world to have a negative carbon balance.

Nature is king here

The Bhutanese constitution requires that 60% of its landmass is maintained and protected as forest. Currently, the territory is 70% covered!

Nestled between India and China, Bhutan offers breathtaking panoramas in the middle of the high Himalayan peaks.

There are 165 mammal species, sometimes disappearing. We have also listed so far 770 different bird species, including the very rare black-necked crane. The national animal is the Takin (Burdorcas taxicolor), an extremely rare mammal of the sheep-goat family. It lives in herds in the mountainous steppes at an altitude of 4.000 meters, and feeds mainly on bamboo.

An intact culture

The Buddhist religion is omnipresent in this very pious nation. We owe him not only religious fortresses (Dzong) and sumptuous temples but also a welcoming and smiling population!